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Peru is a light roasted, organic, single-origin coffee sourced directly from Agroindustrial Tropicals Products Cooperative in the mountainous and remote region of Pichanaqui in Central Peru. This medium-bodied coffee suits any style of brewing, great in espresso-based drinks or black coffee.

"We always keep coming back to this Peruvian coffee from Junin. It offers great complexity and aromatics, due to the high altitude and mix of different varietals. Let it rest a few weeks after the roast to truly unlock the floral aromatics of the beans. We particularly enjoy it as a modern espresso but it also shines as filter brew." 



Pichanaqui, Chanchamayo, Junin

199 Farms of the Tropicals Cooperative

Catimour , Caturra, Obata, Catuai


Crop Year


Roast level
2 out of 6

Flavour Notes
Dried Fruit, Sweet, Floral

IMF 120

Batch Size
69 kg

End Temperature

9.13 minutes

Despite being an oft-forgotten coffee producer, Peru’s not new to coffee growing, nor is it a small-scale player. In fact, Peru was the 10th largest coffee producer in the world in 2017, was one of the first countries in the Americas to receive coffee plants, and is generally regarded as a producer of exceptional beans.

Though the high altitude of the Andes mountains, running right through Central Peru, provide optimal growing conditions for arabica coffee, there are also farms spread across the nation’s coastal plain—and even a few in Peru’s jungle region of the Lower Amazon Basin. There really aren’t many areas of the country that don’t grow coffee.

Once you go high into the Andes, like to farms surrounding Cusco and Machu Picchu, the coffee begins to feature a bright acidity, vibrant floral aromas, and a rich sweetness.

  • Harvest: June to September

The Agroindustrial Tropicals Products Cooperative of Pichanaqui was founded in September 2018 by 12 coffee producer partners to improve the price and quality of their products. The cooperative is now composed of over 160 passionate farmers in and around Pichanaqui, a very scenic part of the greater Chanchamayo region.

The cooperative is led by a team of young professionals, technicians, and administrators who work hard to address the collective needs of their members and the community. They dedicate themselves to preserving and supporting nature through organic and sustainable efforts. Farmers are committed to improving the quality of coffee they produce while adhering to organic standards to protect and conserve biodiversity.

Each step is carefully monitored, from seed selection to nursery propagation and out-planting in the fields, to ensure that the coffee is of high quality and produced sustainably. A selective harvest is performed, followed by adequate processing and fermentation, drying with solar dryers, and proper storage, resulting in a top-quality product.

We have been working with several cooperatives in Pichanaqui region, previously Aproselva and Selva Central but when a lot of core farmers left these Cooperatives to form Agroindustrial Tropicals we followed suit. 2023 will be the first of hopefully many years of fruitful partnership.

The Chanchamayo region is located in the central part of Peru, in the high-altitude Andean mountains, with ideal coffee-growing conditions. The area is known for its rich, fertile soil and consistent temperatures, which contribute to the unique flavour profile of its coffee.

Coffee from Chanchamayo is typically produced using the washed method, which involves removing the skin and mucilage from the coffee cherry before drying. This results in a clean, bright flavour profile with high acidity and a medium to light body. The coffee is also known for its floral and fruit notes, with some typical flavour notes including citrus, bergamot, and stone fruit.

Most coffee in Chanchamayo is grown in small, family-owned farms, with many producers focused on organic and sustainable agriculture practices. The coffee is typically shade-grown, which helps to conserve the region's biodiversity and preserve its natural ecosystem.

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