City Roast

109,00 kr

City Roast is a no-nonsense old school coffee. A dark roasted coffee made up of 75% handpicked Arabica from Fazenda Progress, Brazil and 25% high-quality Robusta beans from Mityana Farmers, Uganda.

"City Roast, Coffee that tastes of coffee! 
Big, bold and bound to wake you up. City Roast is made from Brazilian Arabica and Ugandan Robusta. Although the majority of the blend is Brazil, the Robusta help shape this coffee. 

From Robusta we get a very different range of flavours and properties, and it can be quite divisive! First of all, it's quite a bit higher in caffeine than arabica and secondly, it adds a lot of crema to your espresso. Flavour-wise it is quite distinctive, with earthy and nutty flavours - however, we find higher quality robusta like this also adds pleasant caramel and chocolate notes.

Try it as an old school espresso or a strong morning brew!"


Roast level
5 out of 6

Flavour Notes


Batch Size
60 kg

End Temperature

14.18 minutes

75% - Structure and Balance


Bold and Rich brazilian coffee from Fazenda Progresso makes up the majority of this blend. These brazilian beans lends themselves really well to a dark roast, the structure and balance stand up well and they offer some great dark chocolate notes.

25% - Strong and Intense


The secondary component of City Roast is made up by high quality Robusta from Uganda. Robusta coffee, high on caffeine, adds an intensity to the coffee with its nutty, earthy and caramelly flavours.

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