Amokka® Zero Limited Ceramic by MK STUDIO

599,00 kr

Amokka® Zero

One brewer. Multiple methods. Consistent. Tasty cups.

Amokka® Zero is a versatile coffee brewer for tasty and consistent cups. Choose your preferred filter, add coffee and brew. 

Using a standard 63-filter size, you can explore multiple brewing methods with Amokka® Zero. We prefer using fast-flow filters from Sibarist with a single pour-over technique for optimal extraction. 

The stainless steel mesh opts for optimal filter support with maximum area for water flow. 

How to

Place the filter on top of the stainless steel mesh in the base, moisten the edge of the funnel and place it on top of the filter. You get close to zero bypass, only allowing extracted coffee to enter the cup. 

This extremely limited Ceramic version of Amokka® Zero is handmade by our friends at MK STUDIOS

Early orders are eligible for a complimentary 3D-printed stand.

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