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Treehuggers Blend is made of seasonally selected organic coffee beans to give a fruity and chocolatey experience. The current blend comprises Arabica from Peru Aproselva (50%) and Guatemala Aapicafi (50%).

"Working with, and blending South and Central American coffees is great. There are so many flavours and expressions to choose from.

At its core, Treehuggers has always been based on our reverence for Nature and the world around us so choosing Organic coffees was always a given.

Secondly, we want to highlight seasonal coffees, so switching it up depending on what is available and taste good right now is important to us. 

However, you can always expect Treehuggers to have freshness, bright acidity and medium roast, still highlighting the origins of the coffees used."


Roast level
3 out of 6

Flavour Notes
Fruity, Chocolate


Batch Size
60 kg

End Temperature

12.07 minutes

50% - Bright Acidity and Elegance


High grown Peruvian Coffee from the remote and mountainous region of Chanchamayo adds an elegance and sweetness to the blend. The complexity of this coffee helps to make Treehuggers a memorable blend.

50% - Bold and Rich


Guatemalan coffee from the Highlands of Huehuetenango contributes to the balance and backbone of this blend. It's rich chocolatey, and cacao flavours contrasts the more elegant and zesty Peruvian beans.

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