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Sombra by Amokka® is a dark-roasted luxurious blend, made with organic coffee sourced from Mexico and Colombia. Great for strong espressos or an intense black coffee.

"We dedicated a lot of time and effort to sourcing the perfect beans that would maintain their rich flavour and integrity, even under the intense heat of a dark roast. We were fortunate to meet Maxime and Alfonso, a pair of young and passionate coffee artisans behind Edelmira Coffee in Chiapas, Mexico.

Tasting their coffee, we instantly recognised its potential. Even at darker roast levels, these dense beans offer a range of sweet flavours, from caramel to chocolate, with almost no bitterness or sourness. Really impressive for a Mexican coffee!

To add some nuance and complexity, we accented the blend with some Colombian beans from the up-and-coming region of the Sierra Nevada, close to the Atlantic coast. These beans grown by members of the Sol Naciente Cooperative bring a touch of brightness without overshadowing their Mexican counterparts, resulting in a lush, velvety, and intense flavour profile that's truly exceptional."


Roast level
6 out of 6

Flavour Notes
Sweet, Chocolate, Nutty


Batch Size
60 kg / 103 kg

End Temperature

12.2 minutes

66% Sweet and Round


33% Bright and Complex


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