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Portofino by Amokka® is a 100% Arabica dark roasted blend for a single espresso shot and excellent in milk-based drinks with a sweet but strong flavour.

"Please welcome our newest member to the Family!
Portofino was born with the idea to create a more modern dark blend. 

So what is a modern dark blend, you might be asking yourself? 
It's maybe not so clear cut, but for us, it simply means a coffee with 
cleaner flavour, loads of sweetness and made of seasonally selected beans.

With that goal in mind, we settled on Nicaraguan beans from Finca Jesper supported by Brazilian beans from Fazenda Progresso. These are excellent beans of which we just received the 2021 harvest. We have a lot of experience working with these beans and by approaching the roasting slightly differently we were confident in achieving our goals. 

The roasting of processes starts slow, at unusually low temperatures, this allows the coffee to warm up, soaking up the heat, evenly. After which we turn the gas to the maximum to reach our end temperature in the shortest time possible. This retains all the sweetness and most of the origin flavour while still delivering a darker roast."


Roast level
6 out of 6

Flavour Notes
Roasted, Chocolate, Nutty


Batch Size
60 kg

End Temperature

12.27 minutes



Shade grown Caturra, Catuai from the Rainforests of Nicaragua makes up one half of this blend. In a darker roast these beans adds sweetness and a much needed smoothness and creaminess. These fairly large and dense beans can tolerate a little bit more heat.



Bold and Rich brazilian coffee from Fazenda Progresso makes up half of this blend. These brazilian beans lends themselves really well to a dark roast, the structure and balance stand up well and they offer some great dark chocolate notes.

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