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This Italian blend comprises of 85% handpicked Arabica from Brazil and Nicaragua and 15% high-quality Robusta from Uganda. We roast it dark with a long development time to increase the intensity.

"Another staple of Amokka, Gorgona is our long-running Dark Roast. Much inspired by the Italian coffees of old. Creamy, rich and intense at its best. We add a pinch of Robusta to contrast the smoother Arabica coffee for a more intense and fiery finish. 

When roasting coffee dark it becomes all about the balance and structure of the cup, the roasted flavours will come no matter what! We still want to highlight the sweetness and avoid charring the beans, so finding the right temperatures are important. For us, that sweet spot is just before the 'Second Crack' where the cellular matrix of the bean actually fractures.

Gorgona would be the natural choice for a classic espresso experience - with or without milk"


Roast level
6 out of 6

Flavour Notes
Roasted, Chocolate, Nutty


Batch Size

End Temperature

12.47 minutes

45% - Structure and Balance


Bold and Rich brazilian coffee from Fazenda Progresso makes up the majority of this blend. These brazilian beans lends themselves really well to a dark roast, the structure and balance stand up well and they offer some great dark chocolate notes.

40% - Creamy and Smooth


Shade grown Caturra, Catuai from the Rainforests of Nicaragua makes up the 2nd largest part. In a darker roast these beans adds sweetness and a much needed smoothness and creaminess. These fairly large and dense beans can tolerate a little bit more heat.

15% - Intense and Strong


The final and smallest component of Gorgona is made up by high quality Robusta from Uganda. We firmly believe that these beans have a place in a classic italian blend. Robusta coffee, high on caffeine, adds an intensity to the coffee with its nutty, earthy and caramelly flavours

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