Amokka Crema

113,00 kr

100% handpicked Arabica beans from Brazil, Nicaragua and Ethiopia. With a medium roast, Amokka Crema is great all-around coffee. We have chosen each component for its quality and specific addition to the taste in a delicately balanced coffee blend.

"Amokka Crema is our longest-running blend and our most sold coffee - For good reasons!

Rich and bold Brazilian beans, combined with zesty, fruity Nicaraguan coffee and a slight touch of floral Ethiopian makes this an extremely balanced and crowd pleasing blend.

The medium roast and delicate balance makes Amokka Crema very versatile, brew it for any occasion and with any brewing method of choice."


Roast level
4 out of 6

Flavour Notes
Chocolate, Dried Fruit, Nutty


Batch Size
60 kg

End Temperature

11.58 minutes



Bold and Rich brazilian coffee from Fazenda Progresso makes up the majority of this blend.

Brazilian coffee is known for its full-bodied flavor profile, its smooth texture gives Amokka Crema its rich and satisfying mouthfeel. The coffee from Fazenda Progresso has a good balance of sweetness and acidity making it an excellent base to the blend.



Shade grown Caturra, Catuai from the Rainforests of Nicaragua makes up the 2nd largest part. This coffee from Laguna Verde in Jinotega has a well rounded acidity.

One of the standout characteristics we find in Finca Jesper the velvety sweetness and rich depth it adds to the flavor profile. It also adds some fruit notes which can help to bring brightness and freshness to the blend, adding a lively and tangy quality to the cup.



Highly aromatic and Floral coffee from Sidama in Ethiopia constitutes the smallest part of this blend. Ethiopian coffee is renowned for its exceptional and complex flavor profile, contributing a range of interesting and distinctive notes to a coffee blend.

Our Sidama coffee gives the blend some floral notes which in turn add a delicate and a touch of elegance to the blend and balance out any harsh or bitter notes. By incorporating these unique and flavorful notes we hope to make it a more elegant cup.

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