Timemore Black Mirror

408,00 kr

Minimalist, elegant, and modern, with high-quality material and attention to every detail. Timemore Black Mirror Coffee Scale Basic Plus is a beautiful piece of equipment. The display panel is straightforward and easy to read and use. 

The time and weight are displayed on the LCD screen hidden under the panel surface. The Black Mirror has one built-in sensor - it shows the total weight of the water you add. 0.1g accuracy and the maximum capacity of 2000g allows you to use it with various coffee brewing devices. The scale is operated with two buttons on the touch panel. The battery display shows the status of the battery. The device turns off automatically after 5 minutes of inactivity.

USB-C charging is another advantage of the scale. It eliminates the problem of batteries. The new version even has an auto-timer, so when you start to pour, the timer kicks in

The box includes:
- Timemore Black Mirror
- USB-C cable
- Silicon heat pad

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